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  • Kevin Hall

It's not all about you

Selfishness is one of those human conditions we have to deal with. At some point in our lives, we have probably seen a selfish person, dealt with a selfish person, or been a selfish person! Defining selfishness: having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people. Sound familiar? We look around and see selfishness everywhere. People are very concerned with promoting self, sometimes to the neglect of friends and family. Media, advertisers and politicians capitalize on this emotion and exploit it to their ends. This feeds the selfish monster and creates a vicious, self-sustaining cycle. But the cycle can be broken by understanding the will of God. God wants us to be selfless in our nature. He wants us to look out for the best interest of our neighbors (Matt. 22:39). He wants us to put others needs ahead of our own (Rom. 12:10-13). He wants us to take care of those in dire straits (Matt. 25:34-40). And as Christians, He wants us to tell others about our faith (1 Pet. 3:15). A Christian’s life should be a life of service to others. And by doing so, you fulfill the law of Christ (Gal. 6:2). And despite what many might think, a life of service is very rewarding. Putting others first provides meaning and richness to life, abundance and a great sense of satisfaction. Giving preference to one another ensures that everyone’s needs are taken care of, even our own. What a beautiful system!

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